Open Blue


For over a decade, Open Blue has been revolutionizing fish farming by moving it into the open ocean, far away from sensitive ecosystems, and raising a native fish in its warm-water habitat. We are global leaders in deep sea mariculture known for our pioneering research and game-changing technologies, developed in collaboration with the world’s leading labs and universities. We’re driven to find a better way to feed the planet.

At Open Blue, sustainability is woven into every aspect of our operations. It is our prime business driver, built on our deep understanding that the well-being of the earth, the oceans, our staff and partners, and our customers and communities are entirely interrelated. We track our progress using a three-pillared approach that reflects our ongoing commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Open Blue is guided by three strategic goals:

Environmental Care

Growing our fish in harmony with the ocean

We believe the future of sustainable aquaculture is in the open ocean – far offshore from sensitive ecosystems. Our native, warm-water Cobia fish are raised eight miles off the Caribbean coastline in stress-free, low-density, fully submerged pens, and swim in high-energy currents – never seeing the same water twice.

We are proud to produce a pure, healthy, great tasting white fish – super high in Omega-3s and free of contaminants, hormones, colorants and pesticides. We are equally proud of our positive workplace culture and community scholarship and betterment projects in the communities where we operate.

We exceed the highest standards in the mariculture industry, and comply with all regulations and third-party certifications. Every day we look for more ocean-friendly, fish-friendly and human-friendly ways to do business. Our commitment to structured, continuous improvement keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Since 2014, Open Blue has achieved the following recognized certifications

Open Blue Certifications

According to a Great Place to Work, trust is the defining principle of great workplaces — created through management’s credibility, the respect with which employees feel they are treated, and the extent to which employees expect to be treated fairly. Open Blue started measuring our employees’ attitudes about their workplace in 2014 and this has continued resulting in a steady increase in scores.

Open Blue will introduce a new range of premium frozen Cobia products for both food service and retail applications at this year’s Seafood Expo Global. To meet the growing interest for fixed weight and customized portions, Open Blue expanded its production facility with a multi-million dollar investment, enabling at-source portioning and inline freezing. Natural and unglazed, the products are individually quick frozen and vacuumed packed retaining like-fresh color, texture and taste.

Open Blue invests in community projects, such as education (identified as a top priority by the community), and clean drinking water projects (a critical resource lacking in the community). Each year we fund 48 scholarships and assist with bus maintenance to ensure that students have access to education.